Halston Thorkelson
Art by stplmstr
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 5: In the Streets of Moonhold
Race 3/4 Orc
Status And he was never heard from again...
Other attributes
Religion Corellon
Family Aunt Tilly

Halston Thorquelson, better known as Torq is a three quarter Orc with half Orc father and full Orc mother, although he was not raised by them. Torq grew up in and around the town of Moonhold which is part of the Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands. In time Torq would become a constable in the constabulary of Moonhold. This is where he was working when Orem Rivendorn came looking for help.

As a Constable of MoonholdEdit

As a member of the Moonhold constabulary Torq took part in many arrests, the following are some that have been mentioned:  

  • Once busted a place doing magical rituals involving human sacrifice (Ep. #14).
  • Once busted a cult of Asmodeus (Ep. #112).


The following pieces of equipment have been acquired over the course of Torq’s adventuring career: 

  • Great Axe from the Moonhold Constabulary (possessed prior to his introduction)
  • Razor Armour +1 from Arquebus of the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #10) [Level 2] (pg. 231 PHB 1)
  • Rotary Battle Axe: Great Axe +2 from Thoney (Ep. #18)
  • Onyx Dog from Engendros’ belongings (Ep. #36) [Level 4] (pg. 182 Adventurer's Vault 1)
  • Amulet of Protection +1 from Randus (Ep. #39) [Level 1] (pg. 249 PHB 1)
  • Greaves of Fortunate Falling from the King’s seneschal and Sir Phillipus (Ep. #40) [Level 8] (pg. 58 Adventurer's Vault 2)
  • Razor Armour +2 (+1 Smith-powered Exilarchy upgrade on the Moon – Ep. #47) [Level 7] (pg. 231 PHB 1)
  • Shielding Girdle from Bao-Belle-Bina (Ep. #64) [Level 10] (pg. 167 Adventurer's Vault 1)
  • Flaming Hammer +2 from Bao-Belle-Bina (Ep. #72) [Level 10] (pg. 234 PHB 1)
  • Bracers: Strikebacks from Albrecht Ghostbeard & Seven-Owls Wise (Ep. #87) [Level 10] (pg. 136 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Razor Armour +3 (+1 Exilarchy upgrade in the mystical white tower (Ep. #120) [Level 12] (pg. 231 PHB 1)
  • Dread Helm (grows out of Torq's existing Exilarchy armour – Ep. #130) [Level 13] (pg. 140 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Symbol of Shared Healing +3 from Hendrin; priest of Corellon (Ep. #146) [Level 12] (pg. 30 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Amulet of Protection +3 (upgrade from Randus – Ep. #184) [Level 11] (pg. 249 PHB 1)
  • Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor from the Duthanes (Ep. #208) [Level 15] (pg. 161 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Razor Armour +4 (+1 Exilarchy upgrade – Ep. #240) [Level 17] (pg. 231 PHB 1)
  • Rhino Bracers from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #240) [Level 15] (pg. 55 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Cold Iron Amulet from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Cold Iron Great Axe from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)

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