The Summer King
Summer king
Art by saintcaveman
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 160: The Summer King (S4-016)
Race Fae Creature
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group Season Sovereirgn

The Summer King is one of four seasonal sovereigns of the Feywild. The Summer King reigns over the Summer Canopy an area filled with giant trees which are said have neither tops or bottoms.

The Summer King lets animals grow large in this topical environment making the Summer Canopy all the more dangerous to the few travelers that venture here.

It said the Summer King has little time for half truths and lies however that hasn't stopped him from becoming a member of Kobold Alley tournament.

During the Lunar crisis when the Feywild was overwhelmed with energy the Summer King transformed into a giant manta ray made out of mud. With only his mask being visible. With the help of Orem Rivendorn, Randus Duthane, Torq, Ket H'zard, and Trelle Surestep they were able to return the Summer King to his normal form.

When Spud took control of Master Althern machine the power of the Summer King along with the other seasonal sovereigns was absorbed into Spud.

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