She Who Slumbers in Agony
She who slumbers in agony
Art by Adriana Ferguson
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 131: She Who Slumbers in Agony (S3-063)
Race Gods
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group Void Creatures

One of the five major Gods of the Void. Like the other gods of the Moon she is a god a chaos. She appeared during the final battle to close the cyst in the Astral Sea. Through the combined efforts of both Bahamut and Gruumsh personally and physically attacking She Who Slumbers in Agony, the crew of the Bombbolt was able to make it to their target and close the cyst causing all the Void Creatures to be pulled out of the Astral Sea.

Known Avatars Edit

  • The Devil Hag
  • Mardona
  • The Crown and Dagger
  • The Bleeding Commissar
  • The Melody Alkaline

Appearance Edit

Episode 131: She Who Slumbers in Agony (S3-063)

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