Sekhar Obleea
Art by stplmstr
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 310: Oh Lord, Randus (S05-003)
Race Vryloka (Half-Vampire)
Status Alive
Other attributes
Group House Obleea
Family Mother-Zelvara, Brother-Xan

Played by Matthew Peterson

Sekhar Avata-Sokichi of Obleea, Lord Baron in absentia of The Shores, is a half-human, half-vampire Warden and Son of Zelvara head of House Obleea, one of the five noble house of of Diamond Throne. During the civil war in Diamond Throne House Obleea sided with King Emnos III. With the help of Randus Duthane, King Emnos was able to win the war and Duthane was elevated was a Royal House.

Due to House Obleea lands sharing a boarder with the Sage Coast, Sekhar and a group of adventures named the Parliament of Steel have from time to time come up against a group of brigands known as the Hatchet gang lead by Long Fin Sano. While the Hatchet gang was defeated, in doing so Sekhar did major damage to the reputation and person of Long Fin Sano something that he has not forgiven Sekhar, and going so far as to send people to Coldport to attack him.  

When assassins started targeting Randus, Sekhar comes to his aid to help flush out the trouble makers.

Season 5Edit

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