Rituals are an important skill adventures used in time of need. The following is list of Rituals which have bee used in the world of Vertex during Critical Hit.

Make Whole Edit

This rituals takes as single small object and restores it. Randus Duthane once used this repair a book which had been half destroyed by the Void Cultists.

Used Edit

  1. Episode14: Making Do

Unseen Servant Edit

This ritual creates a medium unseen servant basic functions and repetitive tasks. Orem Rivendorn has used his unseen servants to clean up after Torq on Thoney air ship, row bows on the moon, and take apart doors at the temple of the Winged Triskelion.


  1. Episode 18: Aboard the Ship!
  2. Episode 35: The Tower - Part 6
  3. Episode 51: Attack of the JellyFoosh (S2-037)
  4. Episode 100: +100 to Critical Hitting (S3-034)


Sending allows the caster of the spell to send a short message of 25 words to some they know.

Arcana Check Result Maximum Range
9 or lower 10 Miles
10–19 100 Miles
20–29 500 Miles
30–39 1000 Miles
40+ Anywhere on the same plane

Used Edit

  1. Episode 195: Hello Mother? Hello Father? (S4-048)

Disenchant Magic ItemEdit

This ritual allows a used to break down a magic item into residuum


  1. Episode 120: The Mystical Tower of Eight Legged Freaks (S3-052)

Comprehend LanguageEdit

This ritual allows the user to understand language either written or spoken. It was used by Randus to help he understand elvish.


  1. Episode 171: The Party (S4-026)


Creates a 20 foot wide path which 50 feet ahead and behind you. As the path closes it becomes harder to track party. This was by Orem to help the travel of the party in the Fen of Winters.


  1. Episode 242: On the Road to... (S4-089)

Eagles' FlightEdit

Nature Check Result Speed Overland Flight
14 or lower 8 10
15–19 10 15
30–39 11 20
40 or higher 15 30

Summons up to 8 giant eagles to carry you and your allies. 

Used Edit

  1. Episode 207: Apology Accepted (S4-059)
  2. Episode 216: Margraven Dice (S4-066)
  3. Episode 241: Fearless Company (S4-088)
  4. Episode 325: What’s the Meta? (S05-18)
  5. Episode 348: IN THE LAIR OF THE MOUNTAIN GHOST (S05-41)

Object ReadingEdit

This ritual allows the the user to seen important events in an objects past.


Enchant Magic ItemEdit

This ritual allows the user to make or improve powerful magic items. Most notably this was used by Randus to make the cold iron weapons which helped defeat Spud.

  1. Episode 223: A Kitten Adventure (S4-072)

Telepathic BondEdit

Arcana Check Result Duration
9 or lower 10 Minutes
10–19 30 minutes
20–29 1 hour
30–39 3 hours
40+ 8 hours

This ritual allows used to create a telepathic bond with up to eight allies.


  1. Episode 265: The Deal (S4-109)
  2. Episode 323: Chutes and Ladders (S05-16)
  3. Episode 375: Check and Triple Check (S05-67)

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