The following races have had named NPC's in the world of Critical Hit.

Races of the Natural World

  1. Divine Beings
  2. Devils
  3. Dragonborn
  4. Drow
  5. Dwarf
  6. Elf
  7. Genasi
  8. Half-elf
  9. Half-orc
  10. Halfling
  11. Hobgoblin
  12. Human
  13. Kenku
  14. Lunar Creatures
  15. Minotaurs‎
  16. Orc
  17. Tiefling
  18. Void Creatures
  19. Warforged

Races of the Feywild

  1. Eladrin
  2. Fey Creatures
  3. Gnome
  4. Wilden

The following races have been seen in Critical Hit world but have not had named PC's or NPC's

  1. Bugbear
  2. Gnoll
  3. Goblin
  4. Shadar-kai

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