Phoros was the king's seneschal at the time of Four Against the Void. He made time to speak to Torq, Orem Rivendorn, Randus Duthane, and Smith when they arrived in Diamond Throne and took their claims seriously. When Sir Phillipus of the Grange returned with a recommendation to take action against the Void, Phoros proved instrumental in executing the war. He was rewarded with lands and title, and when he was found to be to preoccupied with the affairs of his fiefdom, he was dismissed from his duties as seneschal.

Phoros was involved in the coup attempt against King Emnos III.


Episode 15: Arrival at Diamond Throne (S2-007)

Episode 17: Battle on the Rooftops (S2-008)

Episode 225: Happy Trails (S4-073)

Episode 233: Malice in the Palace (S4-081)

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