Oversight is a an cross vertex organization who's goal is to prevent travel between vertices. this charge goes back many ages with the agents being near immortal. Queens Rebellious Daughter states that Oversight takes on both meanings of the word. Suggesting they are both watching out for cross vertex travel and there have been oversights of problems that lead to great destruction. Details in either case are currently unknown.

Each vertex has a field agent which keeps an eye on the ground. There is also an Oversight center command. Agents have the ability to recruit assents to assist in their missions. Oversight is currently not taking in new agents according to Queen's Rebellious Daughter. 

Known AgentsEdit

  1. Queen's Rebellious Daughter: No vertex assignment 
  2. Resplendent Tiger: Self defence trainer  
  3. The Flamingo in Repose: Vertex 9 – The Swarm
  4. The Relentless Quartermaster: Vertex 1 – The Nest
  5. The Thrice-Blessed Pilgrim: Vertex 8 – The Lovers
  6. The Jade Elocutor: Vertex 8 – The Lovers
  7. The Fourth-Oldest Inspector: Vertex 11- The Knot
  8. Sagacious Orbit Pioneer: Vertex 12 - The Bloom

Known AssetsEdit

Active AssetsEdit

  1. Orem Rivendorn
  2. Randus Duthane
  3. Ket H'zard
  4. Little Sparkle
  5. Sekhar

Deceased Assets Edit

  1. Torq
  2. Smith
  3. Thoney

List of VerticesEdit


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  2. Oversight Dossier – Part 2
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  5. Vertex Map 

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