Diamond throne

Map of Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands. Art by Rodrigo Lopez

Moonhold was a city in lands under the control of Diamond Throne. Moonhold was the largest city in mining country making its fortune off the mining of silver. During the Lunar event the city was destroyed and has not been repaired since and by most accounts is to some degree overrun with lunar monsters


In the distant past of the natural world agents of the Moon Gods put towers around the Natural world with the purpose of crashing the moon into the Natural world. While its unknown while the towers were not used when they were created in time the original purpose was forgotten and because of the rich silver ore deposits around the area.

The Town of Moonhold was formed centering on the tower, which became school for the studying of the mystic arts. As the city expanded it did so in in rings until there were seven rings at the time of the Lunar event. Moonhold was ruled over by a baron.

Notable ResidentsEdit

The most notable resident of Moonhold would be its former 3/4 orc and constable Halston Thorkelson better known as Torq who gained great notoriety as being one of the Moon heroes and well has his exploits in the Astral Sea.