The Baltinok. Art by Adriana Ferguson

To Quote "The greater fae are very powerful entities that inhabit the Feywild. Although many of them choose to appear as humanoids they are in no way human or human-like. The best way to think of the greater fae, often called the “True Fae” is as actors who are playing a part they enjoy. If ever that part loses its luster they change themselves entirely, becoming another entity altogether, at least from the standpoint of solid folk. The Greater Fae are very fond of interacting with other races, especially humans who don’t usually know how to deal with them. Most of the more malevolent ones tend to avoid eladrin and gnomes, who usually are expecting trouble, and prefer to deal with Natural humanoids who may not see the fact that a truly nasty surprise awaits them. The true fae are, by far the most dangerous denizens of the Feywild, although they are quite scarce. The Sovereigns of each of the Seasonal Forests are Greater Fae, in fact, they are widely thought to be the greatest among the great."

The greatest risk in dealing with greater fae is creating a pact with them. This can be done in a number of such as eating or drinking food and drink offered or expecting favors. Eladrin are warned about greater fae and how most people who have dealings with them are never heard from again. During the paries time with the Hogba what seems like years go by in his service before they are able to escape. The home of the Oolark is filled with walking black boxes, former guests that were never able to leave. 

Known Greater FaeEdit

  • The Hogba
  • The Baltinok
  • The Oolark

Seasonal Soverns Edit

  • Spring Queen
  • Summer King
  • Autumn king
  • Winter Queen