The gods are mysterious and powerful and while not always inclined to work together if things get bad enough they can be convinced too. 

Gods of the PentetheonEdit

  1. The Raven Queen
  2. Bahamut
  3. Melora
  4. Corellon
  5. Erathis

Dark GodsEdit

  1. Asmodeus
  2. Gruumsh
  3. Lolth
  4. Tiamat
  5. Vecna

Sleeping GodsEdit

  1. Kord

Gods of the VoidEdit

The major God is listed first with their avatars are listed under them. 

  • Yemne, That Which Calls to the Silence
    • Enemy of Knowledge
  • Oggem, The Absence of Center
    • The Seven Beautiful Fires
    • The Wasp Merchant
    • The Masked Lover
  • The Hidden Heart of the Ocean
    • The White Boar
    • The Sky that is the Lie
    • The Pillar of Red Steam
  • She Who Slumbers in Agony
    • The Devil Hag
    • Mardona
    • The Crown and Dagger
    • The Bleeding Commissar
    • The Melody Alkaline
  • The Monarch in Saffron Rags
    • The Faceless Traveler 
    • Heartless Princess 
    • The Silver Woodsmen
    • Geethoo The Warrior in Chains

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