Bao Bel-Bina
BaoBelBina by stplmstr-d56xvrr
Art by stplmstr
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 57: The End - Part 2 (S2-043)
Race Tieflings
Status Dead
Other attributes
Group Church of Erathis
Religion Follower of Erathis

Bao-Bel-Bina Tiefling Avenger was the leader of holy forces of the Pentetheon against the focus of the Void is the Astral Sea following the Lunar Crisis.

Before the CrisisEdit

Living in the Sage Coast and serving as an avenger of Erathis Bao was an adventure with Zall Fingfang. She and Zall like most of the other holy men and women of the Natural world were recalled to the Astral Sea to fight for there gods against the void.

The LeaderEdit

Bao-Bel-Bina quickly rose through the ranks, to become the leader of Erathis's forces. When Erathis created the Layman's Initiative he was Bao who was sent to the moon to gather up the heroes who has sent the moon right. Finding the Orem Rivendorn, Randus Duthane, and Torq he transported them to city of Sha-Lai in the Astral Sea. 

Adding a fourth member to the initiative one Ket H'zard, Bao gave the party the unenviable task of finding a way to stop the Void. It didn't take long for the the Layman's Initiative finding the Void Obelisk and discovering that Void Creatures have the ability to look like other humanoids. Happy with the initiative works Bao ordered them to a near by inn to get some rest while while she had to go to work dealing with all the new information.


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Important Mentions Edit

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