Astral Sea is the home of the gods. From the natural world the cities and islands of the Astral Sea appear as stars. But inside astral sea that land works much like the land in the natural world. However the waters of the Astral sea are highly dangerous. Its said most mortals would only survives for only a few moments in the astral seas waters.

Waters themselves have some dept if diver were to go to deep into the astral sea they would find themselves in a different location when they surfaced.

Home of the GodsEdit


  1. Sha-Lai - Holy city of Erathis
  2. Drakkastan - Holy city of Bahamut
  3. El-Dre-Leil- Holy city of Corellon
  4. Endgate - Holy city of Raven Queen
  5. Kun-Kunei - Holy city Melora

Dark Council

  1. The Gulag Magnificent - Holy city of Asmodeus
  2. The Palace of Carnage - Holy city of Gruumsh
  3. The Scarlet Abattoir - Holy city of Vecna
  4. The Bulwark of Fangs - Holy city of Tiamat
  5. The Demonweb - Holy city of Lolth

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