Art by Thomas Perkins
Some attributes
First Appearance Episode 10: The Exilarchy of Cogs (S2-003)
Race Cog
Status Alive
Other attributes
Family Creator Randus Duthane

The assistant is Randus Duthane's arcane familiar. It is a mechanical device, somewhat crab or spider like, that can fold into a plate sized disk. The familiar is able to communicate with Randus by printing out information on tape. It is able to conduct arcane or chemical analysis on objects, manipulate things to help Randus, or scout out small areas. In addition it can communicate with Exilarchy derived creatures.

The assistant was built by Randus Duthane using the remains of an Exilarchy drone he found in a tunnel. It is loyal to Randus, and will not travel beyond a certain radius from him. When Randus lost his arm, the assistant helped him aim his crossbow. The assistant has accompanied Randus through all his adventures.

The assistant is based on the disembodied hand familiar originally found in Dragon Magazine.

Notable Appearances Edit

The Exilarchy of Cogs Edit

Randus used the Assistant to explore a lizard monkey burrow, then to communicate with a concordance unit of the Exilarchy of Cogs.

In the Black Oak Woods Edit

This is the first instance of the assistant handing Randus a weapon.

Arrival at Diamond Throne Edit

The assistant finds Thony's house.

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