The Story so Far Edit

Orem Rivendorn, savior of the Prime Material Plane is distraught. Despite his exemplary performance in rescuing his companions from particularly volatile skeletons, his superb diplomatic capacity in dealing with the barbaric human royalty, the uncanny cogs, and even elves, his powerful and growing more powerful magics, and his fantastic hair, he was unable to save his friend. Yes, his friend. James Tsarkol. Certainly if only he had been more powerful, he could have found a way to restore order to the planes without necessitating the selfless sacrifice of such a confused individual. Perhaps, but no, it's too late for remonstrating. He and his loyal companions, Torq and Randus, were mourning the human blacksmith when a tiefling woman burst into the wake and removed them bodily from the lunar plane, citing only their effectiveness in restoring order to the natural world. And certainly, they were effective.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Orem Rivendorn Edit

Orem learned more than he thought possible during his adventure in both the natural world and the lunar plane. Who could have thought that a gigantic brute who couldn't pronounce the simple word "prestidigitation" would be such an insightful and loyal friend, who would have thought that the powerful magics of the Eladrin could be matched by such an amiable and eccentric fellow as Randus Duthane?

Torq Edit

Torq has lost people before. His parents (he can't really remember them). His aunt Tillie. Sarge. But now, having lost another friend, he found that it hurts just the same yet completely differently. Can he be strong enough to not lose anyone else?

Randus Duthane Edit

James Tsarkol was, all else aside, a good man. Dependable. Randus finds himself distraught.

Ket H'zard Edit

Ket can't... tell you.

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